Andres Ramos with Robin Westberg, occupational therapist assistant, left, and Whitney Clark, physical therapist assistant

It was a rapid recovery for Andres “Buck” Ramos at Desert Cove Nursing Center in Chandler, Arizona.


The 44-year-old landscaper came to the facility on Dec. 6, 2017, after a stroke and respiratory failure. Ramos was weak and had dysphagia, the inability to swallow, and when he arrived he could only eat pureed foods and drink honey-thick liquids. He needed assistance to take care of himself.


Speech therapists worked with Ramos on his swallowing skills and his speech, which had also been impacted by the stroke. Meanwhile, physical therapists did strengthening exercises to get his affected side moving smoothly again, and occupational therapists had him practice the self-care activities he would need at home, such as hygiene, bathing and getting dressed.


“Buck had a can-do attitude from day one,” said Robin Westberg, occupational therapist assistant. “He exhibited an unwavering commitment to improve throughout his stay and was even proactive with wanting to be using therapy activities on his own during non-therapy time.”


On Dec. 19, Ramos returned home to his wife, back on his feet and able to take care of himself and eat and drink normally once more.


Desert Cove has given me the opportunity to do the things I want to do again,” said Ramos. “I feel more in charge again, and if it weren’t for the people at Desert Cove, I would not have gotten the help I received. Desert Cove is the place to go! I am very, very happy!”