Mary Knowles

Mary Knowles, a 65-year-old resident at Desert Cove Nursing Center in Chandler, Arizona, is proud that her artwork is now being sent around the country on the front of hundreds of Christmas cards.


Each year, parent company Life Care Centers of America invites residents in more than 200 nursing and rehab facilities to submit Christmas card designs, and one piece is chosen for each of the organization’s geographical divisions. A total of eight designs are printed and distributed to facilities and regional offices throughout Life Care.


Knowles’s painting of a Christmas tree is this year’s winner for the Southwest Division, which encompasses Life Care’s centers in Arizona, California and Nevada.


“I am very surprised and happy [to win],” said Knowles. “I would like to share my winnings with those who have less than I do.”


Knowles came to Desert Cove Nursing Center in 2014 after suffering from seizures that made it impossible for her to talk and walk. Through hard work and perseverance in rehabilitation, she is now able to do both again. She also cares for those around her and often shares Bible verses and kind and encouraging words with her fellow residents and the associates at the building.


For more information about the Christmas cards, call Kim Burkhart, activity director at Desert Cove Nursing Center, at 480-899-0641.

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